Shopify Starter

Increasing conversion rates with a new brand strategy and website for Starter Plan

The Challenge

Design a new plan that offers a limited, lighter version of Shopify, including everything users need to add product images, details, and descriptions to populate their simple online store. Instead of having to build a fully featured online store, users promote and sell through social channels and messaging apps.

Tugging at the heartstrings of Millennial and Gen Z audiences. The visual style uses familiar cues from the past decades to evoke nuanced nostalgia. Lots of sparkles, emojis, neon-pastel colors, bold outlines and 3d shadows.

The Solution

After extensive market research, we’ve defined opportunities to re-focus Starter towards a unique audience, unlocking a new segment of Shopify users who were looking to monetize their existing audience and start selling via social channels.

We pushed for an identity that is uniquely Starter Plan, allowing the marketing to stand out amongst to existing product offerings. The Starter Plan redesign allowed Shopify to increase conversions and gain customer insights with advanced targeting and robust analytics.