Shopify Starter

Increasing conversion rates with a new brand strategy and website for Starter Plan

The Challenge

Our challenge was to design all the creative assets needed to promote a new plan offered by Shopify. This plan provided users with a limited, lighter version of Shopify, specifically tailored for those who wanted to add product images, details, and descriptions to populate a simple online store. Instead of building a fully featured online store, users could promote and sell through social channels and messaging apps. Our goal was to capture the attention of Millennial and Gen Z audiences by utilizing visual styles that evoke nuanced nostalgia, featuring sparkles, emojis, neon-pastel colors, bold outlines, and 3D shadows.

The Solution

Through extensive market research, we identified a unique opportunity to re-focus the Starter Plan towards a specific audience segment. We aimed to unlock a new group of Shopify users who sought to monetize their existing audience and start selling via social channels.

To achieve this, we developed an identity that distinctly represented the Starter Plan, setting it apart from other product offerings. Our redesigned Starter Plan marketing materials allowed Shopify to increase conversions and gain valuable customer insights through advanced targeting and robust analytics.


The Results

By creating visually compelling assets with nostalgic cues from past decades, we effectively tugged at the heartstrings of Millennial and Gen Z audiences. The vibrant visual style, featuring sparkles, emojis, neon-pastel colors, bold outlines, and 3D shadows, resonated with the target audience and helped establish the Starter Plan as a unique and appealing option for their e-commerce needs.

This project demonstrated our ability to conduct thorough market research, identify opportunities for product repositioning, and design creative assets that effectively target and engage specific audience segments. The redesigned Starter Plan empowered Shopify to expand its user base, enhance conversions, and gain valuable insights for continued success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.