Shopify Plus

A comprehensive strategy involving a redesign of banner ads.

I took on the challenge of addressing creative fatigue in Shopify Plus’ banner ads. The objective was to combat declining response rates caused by repetitive ad creative, ultimately improving overall campaign performance. My role involved leading the strategy and redesign efforts to create fresh and compelling creative assets.

The Challenge

Shopify Plus faced a significant challenge due to creative fatigue resulting from prolonged exposure to the same ad creative. This led to a decrease in audience response rates and a decline in overall campaign performance. It was crucial to overcome this fatigue and capture the audience’s attention with new and engaging materials.

The Solution

To combat creative fatigue, we implemented a comprehensive strategy involving a complete redesign of the banner ad creative assets. Through tests and experiments, we optimized headline variations and adjusted ad copy. We also incorporated different images and content, including merchant case studies, ebooks, and performance claims. These measures aimed to rejuvenate the campaign, engaging the audience with fresh and compelling materials.

The Results

The comprehensive redesign strategy successfully rejuvenated the advertising campaign for Shopify Plus. By addressing creative fatigue and introducing fresh, compelling creative assets, we revitalized audience engagement and significantly improved response rates. The redesigned banner ads incorporated diverse content and captivating visuals, effectively conveying the value proposition to the target audience.

This project demonstrated my ability to develop and execute a successful redesign strategy, leveraging design research to inform decision-making and drive positive outcomes.