Fringe Festival

Levelling up the online experience for performers and guests.

The Challenge

Improve the online experience for performers and guests attending Fringe Festivals by creating a visually appealing and user-friendly design that aligned with the festivals’ branding guidelines. Collaboration with the development team was crucial to ensure technical feasibility. The project also aimed to improve the ticketing system, enabling event organizers to efficiently manage sales and attendance with real-time data insights. Overcoming the existing website’s challenges in providing event information and ticket purchases, the objective was to create a diverse, playful, and user-friendly online experience that reflected the excitement of the showcased events.

The Solution

Leveraging my expertise in design research, I employed various research techniques to develop user personas, wireframes, style guides and a sitemap.Through these methods, I gained deep insights into user needs, pain points, and preferences. By analyzing data from the company’s existing e-ticketing system, I uncovered valuable information about user behavior and conversion rates, which informed my design decisions.

Drawing upon my experience in qualitative research methodologies, I identified actionable opportunities to improve the website and create a frictionless experience. These insights guided key aspects such as layout, color scheme, and typography choices. Additionally, I focused on understanding the user flow for purchasing tickets, ensuring a seamless journey from the landing page to the checkout process.