Off the Grid

Back in 2012 I was involved in creating a responsive grid system that revolutionized the way designers approached responsive website design, drawing inspiration from previous grid system work by Nathan Smith and Eric Myer. This grid system is now available for free from Adobe and Figma.

Before the Nine Sixty Grid System, designing a website that looked good on all screen sizes was a daunting task. But with this grid system, designers could easily create a layout that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional across all devices.

The system was based on a 960-pixel wide grid (and later at 1440-pixel) that was divided into 12 columns, making it easy for designers to create responsive designs that looked great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The system was flexible and customizable, allowing designers and developers to adjust the width of content blocks to fit their specific needs.

One of the key achievements of the system was its simplicity. It was easy to understand and use, even for designers who were new to responsive design. This made it a popular choice among designers and developers alike.

Overall, the system played a significant role in making responsive website design more accessible and approachable for designers. It’s a testament to how a simple idea can have a big impact on an industry.