Brand strategist and creative lead with a focus on consumer marketing.

Having spent over 15 years diving into various aspects of brand strategy, creative direction, partnership management, growth marketing, and content marketing, I’ve spearheaded teams at Trade Me, Shopify, and the Commerce Commission. My leadership has consistently driven brand growth and consumer engagement, both locally in New Zealand and across global markets. Passionate about crafting and executing dynamic marketing and creative strategies, I specialize in accelerating the growth of products and brands, particularly in the ecommerce and consumer marketing realms.

Brand Strategy

I enjoy developing comprehensive brand strategies that define brand position, drive awareness, and build future demand. By leveraging in-depth audience and competitor insights, my customer-first approach has significantly enhanced brand recognition, engagement, and long-term growth.

  • Conduct audience and competitor research.
  • Establish robust brand foundations and guidelines
  • Integrate brand-building activities: events, campaigns, sponsorships, and partnerships.
  • Develop a marketing calendar aligned with business goals.
Trade Me
Unlocking Opportunities with the ‘In With the New’ campaign.
Shopify Starter
Increasing conversion rates with a new brand strategy and website.
Promoting brand-aligned ideas and engaging the community within TEDx.

Creative Direction

I combine creative vision with strategic partnership management, leading design teams and collaborating with agencies to deliver impactful campaigns. This approach has resulted in record engagement and enhanced brand visibility. Continuous feedback and performance monitoring ensure sustained improvement and alignment with brand goals.

  • Collaborate closely with agency partners, aligning creative vision with brand strategy, ensuring clear communication.
  • Conduct regular strategy sessions to optimize campaign performance.
  • Monitor campaign performance, gather feedback for continuous improvement.
Fringe Festival
Levelling up the online experience for performers and guests.
Te Papa
Promoting the 1898 series of stamps Archive, held at Te Papa.
Cuba Dupa
An online experience drawing record crowds to the event.

Growth Marketing

I drive user acquisition, engagement, and retention through user-centered campaigns, optimized product offerings, and compelling content. This strategy has increased user acquisition, engagement rates, and product-market fit, while content marketing has built brand awareness and loyalty. Continuous monitoring and adaptation ensure sustained growth.

  • Track campaign and brand health through consistent reporting on vital business metrics.
  • Gather research and feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Outline key marketing initiatives aligned with business goals.
  • Produce engaging content aligned with audience needs.
Shopify Plus
A comprehensive strategy involving a redesign of banner ads to combat creative fatigue.
Penthouse Cinema
Revamping the Penthouse Cinema Ticketing Experience.